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In order to achieve sustainability certification for a building or a seal of approval for energy efficiency as demanding as the Passivhaus standard, it is necessary to have solutions that not only comply with current building regulations, but also go beyond them. The parameters that measure the thermal insulation capacity of the different construction materials are especially demanding for these systems that pursue excellence in quality, comfort, energy savings and environmental respect.
These aforementioned seals are not only limited to assessing criteria such as economic savings, equipment, health and comfort, but also evaluate other areas such as energy, the supply of construction materials and the efficient use of resources.
Multipanel has developed the Multizero panel, which is a panel with URSA XPS inside, designed for Passivhaus or Passivhaus buildings, which are able to respond to the growing concern of our environment to sustainability and energy efficiency, as today the market demands complete solutions, able to cover the largest number of benefits while minimizing its environmental footprint and improving comfort and final quality.

Achieving efficiency thanks to the Multizero panel and URSA XPS
The Multizero panel is composed of an exterior panel with A1 fire rating, a URSA XPS sheet, a layer of acoustic bonded foam, a second URSA XPS sheet, an air-tight sheet, a joint treatment with airtight tape and gypsum board according to the desired final finish and the interior of the lining is reinforced with mineral wool.
All these materials make up a system with high thermal and acoustic performance, tailor-made and adapted to the needs of each building. With a transmittance of around 0.174 W/m2.K, in addition to its thermal performance, Multizero also provides acoustic comfort (acoustic insulation of 56 dBa thanks to the agglomerated foam and the mineral wool it incorporates) and air tightness.

Advantages of the Multizero panel that save time and money
According to Ana Bodoque, Multipanel’s technical director, the advantages of Multizero are that in addition to the innumerable virtues of the material and its technical characteristics, it generates zero debris on site; it is a system that, since it is already measured and cut, can be installed quickly, allowing a clean and efficient intervention, without containers.
Thanks to this prefabrication, a single professional can install around 120 m2/day with the consequent savings in time and money. In contrast to the 15 m2 of brick wall installed by two professionals per day. Construction companies as demanding as Grupo Lobe, experts in passive houses, already rely on Multizero for their new Passivhaus housing developments in Zaragoza, Madrid and Valencia. The sustainability of this system has been one of Multipanel’s main concerns prior to the market launch of its most ecological panel.

The heart of URSA XPS
As mentioned above, Multipanel’s growing concern for sustainability has led to having URSA XPS at the heart of Multizero as it is a great thermal insulator with high compressive strength and long durability. In addition, URSA allows Multipanel to have quick and easy access to all quality tests, life cycle analysis and to rely on a material with CE and ISO 9001 marking.

On the other hand, all waste is treated off-site, which increases recyclability and saves labor, cleaning at the point of installation and saves time and money in transportation, commissioning and removal of excess materials.
In addition, our technical director, Ana Bodoque, assures that this way of building in dry, prefabricated and industrialized form is the future of construction. Since every day is generating more interest in efficient architecture professionals and construction companies that are committed to profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

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