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Located in the Madrid town of Humanes, Multipanel Internacional Madrid is a company dedicated to the manufacture of sandwich panels with a long history in the world of construction. Specialized in sandwich panels since 2000, it is an expert in aluminum tongue and groove panels for roofing.

What aspects define Multipanel’s philosophy and its focus on business excellence?
Our philosophy is linked to the concept of quality and the continuous evolution and improvement of our products; and to an exhaustive Factory Production Control, which is part of our Quality Management System. In fact, Multipanel was born precisely with the aim of bringing quality sandwich panels to the construction sector. It seemed to us that the existing product was not good, so we decided to manufacture it ourselves. On the other hand, there was a product that was very much oriented towards large surface enclosures, while Multipanel is oriented towards the residential market, where we are today the benchmark.

On this basis, we are following the road to business excellence with daily work, with determination and perseverance, with our commitment to the advances of the so-called Industry 4.0, to the environment, to quality and to continuous improvement.

What is your star product?
The SPEED DRY panel, the result of the continuous improvement work I was referring to. It is the only tongue and groove assembly system with hidden and watertight fastening; and the only one with CE marking in Spain with the following characteristics: self-supporting sandwich panel, with double aluminum face and extruded polystyrene core, with high compressive strength, for application in roofs. A variety of models and finishes revolve around this system, which add an aesthetic component to our product.

The inclusion of the acoustic sheet has made our panels the definitive solution for perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. We stand out from the competition because of the quality of the thickness of the aluminum sheets we use, the quality in matt white color and the unbeatable delivery times, with stock of practically the entire catalog.

In addition to Speed Dry, Multipanel manufactures sandwich panels for aluminum and pvc carpentry, panels for fast construction, laminated plaster panels, cement-wood panels, modular panels, cement-wood sandwich panels for floors, acoustic sheet coverings…

Is R&D&I a constant in your company?
Totally, in Multipanel and in my own way of thinking. In this regard, we have just launched a new product for facade renovation and refurbishment, and for new construction: the Veture Kit, a prefabricated panel for exterior wall insulation, composed of an insulating material, extruded polystyrene and an exterior skin with different finishes. This panel makes it possible to change the image of the building and at the same time improve its insulation. An alternative to the ventilated facade and the Sate, with a much faster and cleaner assembly, and greater durability; and complying with the requirements of the CTE in insulation and energy efficiency.

What is Multipanel’s current status, and what is its future strategy?
We are immersed in a process of change, dedicating many efforts and resources to it, betting heavily on the digitization of our company and converting our catalog to adapt it to BIM (Building Information Modeling), which is an exceptional opportunity, coupled with the concept of quality of the construction process. Regarding our strategies, I would summarize that they are growth through internationalization (we have created an export department) and the creation of value, through innovation and quality. We are also planning to robotize several production processes.

La Razón – Business Excellence- May 22, 2017.

Located in the Madrid town of Humanes, Multipanel Internacional Madrid is a company dedicated to the manufacture of sandwich panels with a long history in the world of construction.

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