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Multipanel has collaborated with Cram Construcciones y Rehabilitación in the integral refurbishment of the former Hostal Residencia Don Diego, which has been renamed Velázquez 45 Hostal Boutique. The rehabilitation of the facade is based on a SATE system, simplified by using our pre-industrialized MultiTherm solution as a base.

Velázquez 45 by Pillow is the reference hostel in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood. After a complete refurbishment of the old establishment, Hostal residencia Don Diego, it has become the best option in its category. Cram has been in charge of providing the facade solution for the renovation of the building, and they have opted for a MultiTherm semi-panel to provide thermal insulation for the interior facade.

System innovation
Multipanel’s MultiTherm pre-fabricated panels optimize costs and time on site by integrating an extruded polystyrene (XPS) sheet with a thickness of 30mm and an 8mm FBR-ECO panel. This results in a 1200x1200mm panel with a thickness of 38mm in which the insulating material, a rigid support and the fiberglass mesh are combined.

For its installation, the polyurethane foam is sprayed on the XPS to fix it to the facade, positioning the panels separated from each other with 1-2 mm of footprint in the joints. The panels are then anchored using screws fastened with a chemical anchor and the joints between panels are filled using the same anchor.

It is covered with a fiberglass mesh that will serve as reinforcement for the joints, in this case it is applied on the entire surface, although it could be done only in the joints since the FBR-ECO panel itself integrates a fiberglass mesh.

A base coat is applied with a leveling paste to cover screws and possible flaws and finally a monolayer of about 15mm is applied for the final finish.

Multipanel always tries to provide fast and efficient solutions, customized for each project, and on this occasion it has managed to optimize the installation time of a SATE starting from a pre-industrialized solution.

The FBR-ECO panel used in this renovation provides the system, in addition to all of the above, with a fire resistance of between 120 to 180 minutes, depending on the application, and a reaction to fire certified A1.

Following this line of innovation in the process, the process could be further simplified by using Multipanel’s new MultiZero filler, which would allow the filling and treatment of joints, as well as the leveling of the surface. This new MultiTherm construction system offers a fast, efficient and simple solution to solve all types of enclosures with a single panel, not only in renovation and refurbishment but also in new construction and modular construction.

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